This website allows users to calculate the levelized cost of electricity at equilibrium (LCAE) with algorithms based on the NE-COST tool to calculate and compare the economics of producing electricity with nuclear power plants.

Three specific nuclear fuel cycle calculators are provided here:

The above three fuel cycles have been evaluated in the Fuel Cycle Evaluation and Screening Study. For a comparison of these fuel cycle performance metrics using reference values from the Evaluation and Screening Study, click here.

Default values are suggested for all variables based on the 2017 Advanced Fuel Cycle Cost Basis Report. However, users can change any values and recalculate costs. For more information on the default values suggested here or the most up to date information, please see:

The DOE's Evaluation and Screening

Under a charter authorized by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy, an Evaluation and Screening study of nuclear fuel cycle options was conducted using established sets of criteria and metrics. For the study, nuclear fuel cycle systems are defined in terms of the activities and facilities required for the use of nuclear power, from mining through disposal. The NE-COST computational tool is used to quantify the economic and financial risk performance of fuel cycles. This tool is incorporated into this website.

a EG01 represents an Evaluation Group in the Fuel Cycle Evaluation and Screening Study