Once-through fuel cycle

In this approach, natural uranium is converted to low-enriched uranium (LEU) oxide fuel. Power plant operators then use the fuel to generate electricity in a standard light water cooled nuclear reactor before sending the fuel directly to storage and geologic disposal. The once-through fuel cycle is the basis upon which all other fuel cycle approaches are compared in this calculator.


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Once-Through Calculator (EG01) Levelized Cost of Electricity

  Once-through default Current
Reactor Capital Recovery Cost ($/MWh) 30.6 30.6
Fuel Cost ($/MWh) 8.3 8.3
Reactor Operation And Maintenance Cost ($/MWh) 10.6 10.6
  ===== =====
Total Levelized Cost of Electricity ($/MWh) 49.5 49.5
  Recommended Range Value
Overnight reactor capital cost ($/kWe)
Discount rate (1=100%)
Years for reactor construction
Annual interest rate during construction - compounded quarterly (1=100%)
Reactor capacity factor (1=100%)
Reactor operation and maintenance fixed costs ($/kWe-y)
Reactor operation and maintenance variable cost ($/MWh)
Uranium cost as yellowcake (U3O8)($/kgU)
Enrichment cost ($/kgSWU)
Fabrication cost of low-enriched uranium oxide fuel ($/kg of enriched U)
Conversion cost ($/kgU product)
De-conversion cost of depleted uranium from UF6 to U3O8 for disposal ($/kgU)
Conditioning cost of SNF before shipping ($/kgHM)
Geologic disposal cost of SNF ($/kgHM)
Disposal cost of depleted uranium as U3O8 ($/kgDU)

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