DFDischarged Fuel
DUDepleted Uranium
FCRDFuelCycle Research and Development
FPFission Products
FR Fast Reactor
HLWHigh Level Waste
HMHeavy Metal
LCAELevelized Cost of Electricity at Equilibrium
LCOELevelized Cost of Electricity
LEULow Enriched Uranium
LWRLight Water Reactor
MAMinor Actinides
MOXMixed Oxide Fuel (UO2 + PuO2)
NUNatural Uranium
O&M Operation and Maintenance
PWRPressurized Water Reactor
RU Recovered Uranium (from reprocessing)
SFRSodium-Cooled Fast Reactors
SNFSpent Nuclear Fuel
SWUSeparative Work Units
UNFUsed Nuclear Fuel
UOXStandard low-enriched UO2 fuel